The Meaning of the Blog’s Name

The word “enfilade” is most often a military term, used to describe an attack and/or firing of weapons down the line of the target, rather than in a frontal assault fashion. To enfilade a long line of soldiers is to flank it and come in upon it from the side.

According to the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, the word is defined as: Gunfire directed along the length of a target, such as a column of troops… a target vulnerable to sweeping gunfire. It is also employed in architecture to speak of a linear arrangement of a series of interior doors, as to a suite of rooms, so as to provide a vista when the doors are open.

Enfilading Lines as a Blog!

So, my thoughts – my written lines – are coming in on you from the side! You are getting flanked with an attack of words!!! But hopefully the surprise they present is a pleasant one!

Etymology … French, series, string, row, from enfiler, to string together, run through.

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  1. Ronald Bowers says:

    Enfiladew descdription is vaghue. It means the tropps on the line to tghe righht aimed their guns on an angle toi tghe left and the troops on the left aimed tgheirs on an angle towsard the right. The result was a criss-cross barrage of bullets coming from angles that didn’t miss hitting someone or more than one.Lee ordered the technique and it caused very high casualties to Granst’s army. Grant prevailed ebcause of numbers and the good fortune that Lee’s replenishment train was captured and he had nol choice but surrender.

  2. Ronald Bowers says:

    Pardon my mistyping in my mmessaghe re enfilade

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