This is a blog about the Battle of Antietam, the current battlefield and the author’s occasional service there as a guide, and about the Civil War.

My name is Randy Buchman, although you might see it as “osayorioles.”  This is for two reasons:

1. I don’t know how to change it!

2. I use this same for a blog I write about the Baltimore Orioles (called “O Say” @ and for a personal blog (called “The Word of Randy” @ related especially to my life as a pastor of a church.

If you would like to come to Antietam, I’d be pleased to attempt to meet with you through the agency called “Antietam Battlefield Guides.”  You may contact me at to discuss this, though ultimately the official arrangement will need to go through “WMIA” … go to the web page for directions and information on how to arrange this.



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  1. Noel Witmer says:

    Hello Randy, my name is Noel Witmer and stumbled across your blog as I was wandering through misc. civil war articles…As I read further, it occurred to me that not only are we tied by our mutual interest in the civil war but that you are also my son’s Cross Country coach…Braxton…( I’m always late to the party ) Although I was at several of Braxton’s meets, I did not have the honor of meeting you personally as I know it is a busy time for a coach. I find your writing interesting and look forward to meeting you in person and hopefully joining you on a tour sometime soon…..Noel

  2. Noel… awesome to hear from you. Braxton is a GREAT kid! He is about the first freshman boy I’ve ever had that the older guys completely liked! Please introduce yourself on the next occasion. Thanks for the note!

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